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2012, 2013, & 2014 mulitiple EVVY Award winner for book cover design


the illustrated book cover design package

This package includes a front cover illustration/digital painting, title design, text design, and cover layout for the front, back and spine of your book. I recommend an illustrated book cover design for most fiction books. The correct front cover illustration blended with a strong cover design and layout is a powerful way to capture the imagination of your potential readers and draw their attention to check out your book.


the title dominant book cover design package

There are a some non-fiction books that are better represented primarily by the title design. This package includes a dominant front cover title design, text design, and cover layout for the front, back and spine of your book. The front cover style is created mainly from font/text design and color that emphasizes the title of the book as the main drawing point. Stock imagery and/or illustration is sometimes used where appropriate, but is used to enhance the title rather than painting a picture of what your story is about.


interior design and page layout package

If you already have an amazing cover created for your book, but you still need the inside pages put together for you, then this may be the service package for you. This includes:
• font and page layout design
• the layout of all your inside book pages
• graphics and enhancements to give your book character, style, and a better reader experience.
• preparing the inside page layout of your book for print
• printer options and recommendations
• a printer-ready PDF file of your inside book layout for you to keep
• the graphic source files from InDesign, Photoshop, and/or Illustrator for you to keep.


interior book illustrations

One of the great legacies of fiction books are their history of paintings, illutrations, and visuals that have inspired the imagination of readers and fans world-wide. Fiction books with well crafted illutrations embedded throughout the story tend to make a greater imprint and impact on the reader’s imagination than books that do not. Potential readers may be inflenced to buy a book by its drawings, paintings, and cover alone.


self-published author promotional package

As a self-published author, you needs tools to market your book and build a relationship with your target audience. This package will give you the essentials that you need to get started on the road to selling a shipload of books:
• your business cards
• your bookmarks
• your online bookstore/author website

You may also greatly benefit from these promotional tools as well:
• postcards to advertise your book to your fanbase and mailing list
• display banner to showcase your book in bookstores and tradeshows

Contact me to set up a consultation and get started with your Self-Published Author Promotional Package. I will also consult with you about the tool set that will best fit your individual needs, situation, and the opportunities that are unique to you.


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