Running a Business Without Marketing is like Running a Car Without a Fuel Source

Running a business without marketing is like running a car without a fuel source. It will eventually run out and come to a halt. What are you doing to consistently promote your business every week?

You may be an artist, or an author, or a musician, but if you want to make a living doing what you love, it is crucial to think of your creative endeavor as a business. And you have to treat it that way. Your business is your vehicle and your marketing is your fuel source.

Here are three tips to jumpstart your marketing this week:

1) Do the research to know your audience.

Every business or creative endeavor is about solving a problem. It’s about helping someone. If you are an entertainer, it could be to bring your audience a smile or make them laugh and lift them out of the struggle with their problems for a moment. If you are in the wellness industry, you want to help someone move a step closer towards improving their health. If you are a painter, it could be to bring hope to the hopeless. Whatever service or product you offer, start by knowing who you want to help.

2) Find your audience and show up.

Where do they hang out? Do they have a user group? Is there a place they network together? Let’s say that you are a virtual assistant and you specifically want to work with graphic designers. There may be local chapters you could attend in your area where your audience meets, like AIGA. Consider joining a few LinkedIn groups where designers are sharing discussions about their business challenges. Join the conversation and begin to share some tips from your expertise to help them out. Don’t just pitch your services. But freely offer “no strings attached” help to begin to gain their trust. Become a source of help for them. Become a trusted resource. That is the kind of person they want to hire.

3) Build a list of interested potential customers and stay in touch with them.

When you attract a person to your business, you need to offer them ways to connect with you. Some people want to connect with you through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Some want to be added to your email list so they can receive reminders or coupons or promotions about your business. They don’t want the burden of remembering that you are there. They want YOU to take the responsibility and make an effort to build relationship with them over time and gain their trust.

Are you building a business or a creative enterprise? Are you an artist or writer trying to make a living doing what you love? Do you have a fuel source to keep you moving forward? How well is your marketing working for you? If you need ideas, we are here to help.