What is your logo worth? Is a first impression important? Is a lasting impression important? If the people who make the decision whether to do business with you are given one impression of your business, will your logo leave a positive, powerful, lasting impression? The first impression you make may be the only impression you get a chance to make.

A logo is a critical part of your brand identity. It further establishes meaning to your business name and tagline. It helps people recognize your brand immediately. It communicates that your business is established and isn’t going to disappear tommorow. It gives people a sense that they can trust your business, respect you business, and that your business is a leading expert in its field.

A logo should:

• Be memorable

• Be Effective with or without color

• Be Reconizable and readable whether it is displayed large or small

• Convey the style and character of your brand identity

• Communicate credibility and quality to your target market

• Be original

If you want your business to be set up for success on all levels, then a very critical element you need to have in place is a strong logo that effectively represents your brand identity. Do you need a logo makeover, or to create a memorable logo from the start? Let’s work together – Click here and fill out the form to set up a consultation appointment and we will be happy to talk with you.


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