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One Example of a Good List-Building Opt-In –

One of my clients is in charge of the marketing for a local martial arts studio. This studio has operated as a successful business for years with a loyal clientele. But it has one core problem. The company website lacks a compelling list building device.

Why does that matter? Well, every business grows and thrives by it’s list of ideal prospects. If you don’t have a list, you don’t have a business really. Not one that can endure and stand the test of time. And the problem that my client wants to solve is to stop losing potential customers to her competitor. These potential customers are the people who want to take more time to make a decision before purchasing. If those people do not buy immediately, then they fall out of her marketing “funnel” and she eventually loses touch with them.

But when you have an organized list that includes satisfied customers, and also new people who have expressed interest in your business, then you can easily, systematically, and consistently reach out to them. Over time, this builds relationship and trust. It also dramatically raises the probability that when prospects are ready to buy, they will choose to do business with you rather than your competitor down the street. Let’s face it, they will buy from the business that they feel the most rapport with. And they will likely feel the most rapport with the business that has put in the effort to consistently stay in touch with them.

So let’s focus on my client’s problem. Over a conversation with coffee, we were brainstorming together about a good list building device that she could place on her website. To discover that, we first need to determine what her ideal prospect cares about; what keeps them awake in the middle of the night? What is a problem that they are very motivated to solve?

One of the key areas of pain that her ideal client struggles with is finding a solution to the bullying issue at the school their child attends. It has become a big deal and parents worry about sending their son or daughter to school without the tools and social skills to handle an assault against them.

With that information, my client and I put together a free report on the topic of bullying which provides a few tips on how to watch for it, how to address it, how to help their son or daughter protect themselves from becoming a victim. By providing a solution, by expressing to parents that this martial arts studio cares about this problem, and by demonstrating through this information how her business is an expert that understands and knows how to solve the problem, this free report will attract my client’s ideal prospects and give her permission to build a relationship with them through her marketing. She will have established that she cares about them and if they are truly her ideal client, then they will want to receive her emails, postcards, and promotions.

She has placed this report as a free download on her website. Now when an ideal prospect visits her website searching for a solution to the bullying issue, they will likely “opt-in” to her marketing list so they can receive this report. Now she is able to build a relationship with them over time, even if they do not buy her services now. Now she has proactively taken action to prevent losing her prospects to her competitor down the street.

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